Virtually Endless Options

If you have a specific manufacturing, assembly or packaging challenge, Glue Dots® can work with you to engineer custom pre-formed pressure sensitive adhesives that meet your needs, many of which can be applied with our manual, semi-automated or fully-automated adhesive application equipment.

Our team of experts can help you determine the solution you need, with customizable variables that include:

  • Adhesive formula
  • Pattern shape
  • Thickness
  • Diameter
  • Spacing
  • Color
  • Scent
  • Temperature resistance

Because the strength of the bond is substrate dependent, Glue Dots' team of knowledgeable account specialists and engineers are available to help you determine the right product for your application.

Our team of experts will work with you to formulate the right custom pattern based your project's specifications. Please note that custom patterns must meet minimum requirements for production and are subject to additional tooling costs.

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