• Glue Dots® Glue Squares® Adhesive

    Glue Dots are pressure-sensitive patterns of adhesive that are a preferred alternative to hot melts, liquid glues and tapes. Standard Glue Dots are available in five tack levels, three profile thicknesses, in a dot or square shape.

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    Invisible Solution. Visible Results.

    Standard Glue Dots provide a clean, instant bond and are often a preferred alternative to hot glues, liquid glues and tapes. Glue Dots leave no mess, residue or odor, presenting your product and preserving your brand, while increasing productivity and reducing costs. There is a Glue Dots adhesive for every application.

    Because the strength of the bond is substrate dependent, we recommend adequate testing to determine the proper tack level for your application.

    Glue Dots team of knowledgeable and helpful Account Specialists and engineers are available to offer recommendations and product samples for testing.

    Standard products are in-stock and ready-to-ship. If you require a diameter or thickness not specified below, our custom patterns could be a solution.

    Benefits of Glue Dots:
    • Instant Bonding - Zero Cure Time
    • Clean - No Mess
    • Less Waste
    • No Burns - Cold Bond
    • FDA Compliant

  • Dot Shot Pro

    Glue Dots dispensers and applicators are designed to make applying Glue Dots Adhesive Patterns faster and easier, while increasing productivity and reducing costs. There is a Glue Dots applicator for every project, every facility, every need.