Hybribond™ Mounting Tape is engineered to bond instantly to virtually any surface holding lightweight items weighing up to 2 lbs with a strong, secure bond. Unlike permanent mounting tapes, Hybribond removes cleanly without damage or staining, so you can change your mind or change location without a second thought.

Hybribond is unique because the structure of the adhesive differs from traditional mounting tapes. Hybribond is engineered with a very thin support layer placed between two thicker layers of adhesive. This unique construction allows the tape to offer a strong, secure bond yet remove cleanly without damage. The thick layers of adhesive allow the tape to stick to porous and uneven surfaces.

Glue Strength - Temporary


  • Acid Free| Photo Safe
  • Non Toxic | Kid Friendly
  • Instant Bond | Mess Free
Unit of Measure


Adhesive Size

N/A 1 in. x 72 in.

Adhesive Color

N/A Clear


N/A 1 Roll