The Desktop Dispenser is designed to keep Glue Dots rolled product wound tightly, preventing it from unraveling if dropped and protecting it from being crushed if stored with heavier supplies. Fill with any Glue Dots® rolls.


  • Protects Rolls | Prevents Unraveling
  • Small Footprint | Easy to Store
  • Compatible with Glue Dots® Rolls
  • Two Threading Options
Unit of Measure



  1. Pinch tabs
  2. Lift to remove cover
  3. Select threading option
    1. Serrated edge - Used to cut the adhesives liner and exposes a single pattern
    2. Application Surface - Uses the dispenser as a rigid application surface
  4. Place roll on hub
  5. Thread liner along the outside of the dispenser
  6. Snap cover into place

Application Steps

Desktop Dispenser No Roll Step1

Desktop Dispenser No Roll Step2