Pre-loaded with Mini Dots™, the Desktop Dispenser is designed to keep the adhesive roll wound tightly, preventing it from unraveling if dropped and protects it from being crushed if stored in a bag, tote or drawer. Refill with Glue Dots® rolls.


  • Compatible with Rolls | Pre-loaded with Mini Dots™
  • Protects Rolls | Prevents Unraveling
  • Small Footprint | Easy to Store
  • Two Threading Options


Unit of Measure


Adhesive Size

N/A 3/16 in. Diameter

Adhesive Color

N/A Clear


N/A 300 Adhesives (1 Roll, pre-Loaded)


  1. Pinch tabs
  2. Lift to remove cover
  3. Select threading option
    1. Serrated edge - Used to cut the adhesives liner and exposes a single pattern
    2. Application Surface - Uses the dispenser as a rigid application surface
  4. Place roll on hub
  5. Thread liner along the outside of the dispenser
  6. Snap cover into place

Application Steps

Desktop Dispenser with Roll Step 1

Desktop Dispenser with Roll Step 2

Desktop Dispenser with Roll Step 3